This is a combo meal for 2

All meals come with soup of the day.

Please note: Each person can select their own main
- Basil Chili Beef, Chicken or White Fish with Rice
- Mango Chicken, White Fish or Tofu with Rice

- Coconut Chicken Curry with Rice
- Eggplant & Garlic with Rice
- Broccoli Garlic with Rice

For the Basil Chili Entree and Mango Entree. Please specify meat(Beef, Chicken or White Fish) or Tofu. *


Rice Options:

White Rice 
Brown Rice 
Coconut Rice


Rangoon Ruby

Select 1st Entree
Rice Option for 1st Entree
Select 2nd Entree
Rice Option for 2nd Entree
Select a Day (Order by 5pm the day before)

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